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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Our Story

It all started with sleepless nights due to the sound of buzzing mosquitoes. Seeking a way to get rid of these little monsters, we ended up in horticulture. While it’s a long way from the bedroom to the greenhouse, insect control is not.

Airborne pest insects are a serious threat causing significant damage to food and flowers. The control of these pests is becoming more sustainable. However, some can only be tackled with insecticides. This leads to interventions with serious drawbacks for people, planet, and profit.

Change is needed.

Growers urgently need the right tools to make insect control more effective, affordable, and sustainable. First of all to meet market demand, but moreover to meet increasing legislation on using pesticides for agricultural practices.


We figured that small, bat-like drones are a great way to eradicate pests and stop their spreading. A technological rather than a chemical solution. And on that development path originated spin-offs that enable growers to detect and track pests more quickly and efficiently.

We envision the transition towards the autonomous greenhouse and sustainable growing, utilizing the trends of extremely cheap cameras, sensors, and indoor drones, combining these into innovative products and services. Products and services that automate pest monitoring and control. Solutions that help growers make better-informed decisions and get the best result is a sustainable way.

Our Vision

PATS is on a mission to revolutionize insect monitoring and control. We relieve growers from repetitive and labor-intensive processes and limit their risk of crop damage, by providing fully automated and residue-free solutions.


PATS, our drones never sleep.

Our Mission

Co-funded by the European Union

You can reach us directly by phone between 9.00 - 17.00

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Located at Delftechpark 26

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