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Monitor and eliminate pests in your greenhouse crops? 

Choose PATS' automated insect control platform to eradicate pests

We provide intelligent pest monitoring and control systems designed for greenhouses.


​Our software identifies and targets adult pests before they can spread.​

We enable growers to act in a timelier manner and stop pest proliferation early on.

Our solution puts you back in control, while using less resources and increasing the effectiveness of your IPM program.

Our Products

Monitor all airborne insects in your greenhouse with

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How it works

PATS uses novel camera and drone technologies to optimise your IPM process. Our PATS-C cameras observe and sample a section of the airspace above your crops.

The insects flying through the camera’s view are counted and differentiated each night. This is done by analyzing characteristics such as the insect's size, speed, and unique flight pattern.


Our AI models are programmed to automate the differentiation. This enables you to detect pests early on and follow pest population development over time.


Insects identified as pests are then set as targets for our PATS-X bat-like drones. The drones are controlled by the camera system, and steered into the insects’ flight path. The propellers kill the pest on impact.


After each flight, the drone returns to its charging platform. Our autonomous insect control system is a fast and pesticide-free way to stop pest reproduction at the vector. And the drones are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand!

Each system is connected to our dashboard, so we can provide you with daily data on pest activity and development.


You will also have access to flight reports so you can track successful interceptions of our drones!


"With one camera we have a solid understanding of moth pressure development in our 2 hectares greenhouse."

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